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WERK / SPIEL 2 World premieres by and with JULIAN GAMISCH (composition) and BERNADETTE LAIMBAUER (performance, dance) and the ONE.NIGHT.BAND: ZAHRA MANI (double bass, electric bass, laptop), BERTL MÜTTER (trombone), MARTIN SIEWERT ( Electric guitar, electronics) and MIA ZABELKA (violin, voice, electronics)


Under the motto WERK / SPIEL, the One.Night.Band presents new compositions by and with the composer Julian Gamisch and the performance artist Bernadette Laimbauer (dance). The ensemble founded by Mia Zabelka and Zahra Mani, which has been exploring the limits of music in various formations and constellations for ten years, performs a piece based on a playing card score by the winner of the phonofemme composition competition Julian Gamisch. In this piece the ensemble reacts to the dance performance by Bernadette Laimbauer. The phonofemme competition was carried out in cooperation with Wien Modern, Wiener Brunnenpassage and mica as part of phonofemme 2011.



Video: Julian Gamisch

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