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Warrior on a horse - Living postcard from and to Skopje

Performance - 2017

Entstanden während eines Aufenthaltes in Skopje, Brashnar Creative Project

Dauer: 1,5 h

Material: 3,5kg sunnflower seeds, 6 l of water in container, hose, white cloth, red carpet, pedestal

Folgenden Text bekam das Publikum zu lesen:

Dear visitor, viewer, friend.

During our 3 week stay in Macedonia, especially in this neighbourhood (Gjorge Petrov), we have created a durational performance based on the observations and impressions we have won so far. There is Gjorge Petrov, who never gets any attention as people rush around him. Many other riders on horses, made recently, pretending to be very old. To be part of Macedonia. Who and what is Macedonia? People, families, gathering around the fountain having water, seeds and chats. Rise and fall. Giving. Waste. Time standing still.

We call it "Warrior on a horse - Living Postcard to and from Skopje".  We want to invite you to take a seat, have some seeds and leave behind that which you don't want. You can also leave your address on one of the postcards, if you choose to do so you will receive an impression of Austria soon.

The performance starts at 7 p.m. at the fountain which is located at the beginning of Panko Brashnarov, continues on to the Art House of Brashnar Creative Project (inside the studio downstairs) and ends when the horse can no longer hold the rider.

Greetings from Bernadette, Matilda and Philipe

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