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the moon looks different tonight


Performance with A_BCD - 2019



For the performance the moon looks different tonight, a trampoline with a diameter of four meters is used simultaneously as a pedestal, stage, projection surface and sound generator. In a darkened room, eight people are invited to sit on their backs under the fabric-covered trampoline. Around and on the trampoline, two mute figures move in a dramatic sequence, which the audience can only recognize as silhouettes.


Due to the vertical line of sight between the audience and the performers, their bodies are superimposed and there are moments of immediacy, intimacy and intensity. By increasing physical activity, speed and volume, an action comes to a head that offers a variety of associations. A performance in a small circle, up and down, side by side, sleepless

Duration: 20 minutes

Material: Trampoline

With: A_BCD - David Witthinghofer and Christa Wall

Photos: Magda Fuchs​

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