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We are right here. Also

A process-oriented theater project in the Laakirchen youth center.


For six months I meet young people in my former Haimatort Laakirchen and work with them to develop two performances based on improvisational theater and their wishes to optimize their living environment.



Idea, head: Bernadette Laimbauer

Support: Carina Laimbauer, Kerstin Zoister, Alexander Blagojevic

With:  Dominik Wirflinger,  Pezi Guppenberger,  Tobias Eder,  Philipp Hörander,  Alex Guppenberger,  Lukas Hornegger,  Vanessa Forster,  Lorena Forster,  Anna Huemer,  Manuel Secklehner,  Maximilian Laimbauer,  Jenny Forster

Location: Youth Center,  Town hall, music school  Laakirchen


With the kind support of LEADER create your region and the city of Laakirchen





We live / love here. Too

A process oriented theater project

For half a year I meet kids in my former hometown Laakirchen and make two performances with them. The performances are based on their wishes for their future in the town where they live and on improvisation theater.


Idea, Head: Bernadette Laimbauer

Helping Hands: Carina Laimbauer, Kerstin Zoister, Alexander Blagojevic

With:  Dominik Wirflinger, Pezi Guppenberger, Tobias Eder, Philipp Hörander, Alex Guppenberger, Lukas Hornegger, Vanessa Forster, Lorena Forster, Anna Huemer, Manuel Secklehner, Maximilian Laimbauer, Jenny Forster

At: youthclub, townhall, musicschool Laakirchen  


Supported by LEADER create your region and town of Laakirchen


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