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it's the body that will be gone

Performance - 2016

it's the body that will be gone -
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Photo: Eginhart Kanter


Photo: Eginhart Kanter


Stimulated by a free game, the sound of the blow moves into the center of the performance when swinging the bamboo stick, which is commonly used in the garden.

In the one-hour performance, the actors build up the movements they have worked out with the stick to create a dramatic arc of tension. Powerful blows meet gentle hissing, sometimes jerky and fast, then again long and slow ...

The title is a distant allusion to Alessandro Sciarroni's performance "Untitled - I will be there when you die" in which five actors juggle repetitively with clubs, as they are known from circus-like spectacles.




So far have participated:

Redi Ferhati,  Julia Hartig,  Martin Hohla,  

Hannah Huemer,  Veronika Kulcsar,  Philipe Marsden,  Pia Mayrwöger,  Gerlinde Roidinger,  

Miranda Rumerstorfer,  Tiina Sööt

Body coaching:

Manuela Bawart

Costume advice:

Lydia Waldhör


Thomas Stadlbauer, Gerlinde Roidinger,

Bernadette Laimbauer

Duration: durational - one hour

Material: Bamboo sticks

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