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The fingerprint

2012 - mix


I print my fingerprint several times on self-adhesive labels and then cut them out.

I stick the individual stickers in places where I am. I give some stickers to people I know and ask them to stick the fingerprint in places where I haven't been. Thanks to Isi Hans, Dawid Liftinger and Stefan Tiefengraber, they are now sticking in different countries in Asia.


Other stickers, on the other hand, I hang in plastic bags in public places in Vienna or I print, sometimes every minute, my fingerprint on A3-sized paper with different materials (chocolate cream, lipstick ...)


Idea, performance: Bernadette Laimbauer

FERNissage 2012, Vienna

Sinnähmah 2013, Vienna





--- english ---

The fingerprint

Several times I'm printing my fingerprint on sticker labels and cutting every single one out.

I'm sticking every single sticker on places where I'm staying.

I give some of the fingerprint stickers to friends and tell them to stick them on  places where I never have been before. Due to Isi Hans, Dawid Liftinger and Stefan Tiefengraber my fingerprint is sticking in several Asian countries.

I put some of the stickers into plastic bags and hang them in  public places. I print my fingerprint daily or even every minute with different kinds of materials on paper (chocolate-cream, lipstick ...)


Idea: Bernadette Laimbauer

Thanks to: Isi Hans, Stefan Tiefengraber, Dawid Liftinger

Place: Austria, Asia

Exhibited: FERNissage 2012

I dea: Bernadette Laimbauer


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